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And the largest component in the waste dump will be nothing other than plastic, going by the trends now.According to Mr Roshan, the idea was first come to his mind after his team in Bangalore dispatched a truck-full of relief material for the flood-victims in Kerala from Bangalore. "Officials from the Haritha Kerala Mission and various district administrative officials encouraged me and promised me support," he added. Adding to the heap is the waste that will come in huge amount in the form relief materials.Mr Roshan got support from various district administrations, and government organisations."The facebook post appeared on his wall was later shared by actor Tovino Thomas, which sent the post viral.He had also posted a graphical representation of the programme where a 25-member team will be deployed in each district to collect the materials with two collection points.The Haritha Keralam officials lauded their initiative. Ajayakumar, Technical Officer, Haritha Keralam.The plastic waste can be recycled in Bangalore," he said.. Over 150 volunteers have already sworn in for the programme in various districts.The initiative which was announced on the social media has got huge responses from different people all over the world, the youth, V. "Kottayam, Ernakulam, Alappuzha, Thrissur, Kozhikode and Malappuram are ready with the volunteers. I have decided to take all of them back after use including those are currently there," he said.K.A 33-year old Kerala youth working in Bangalore on Tuesday launched a plastic waste management programme which offeres a scientific soution to the probelm.Kochi: Kerala would now have to fight a new battle as it vows to go for the construction of a new state: the waste. "As Ernakulam is the worst affected, we are planning to deploy around 50 volunteers," he said. "Three Bangalore-based plastic waste recycle companies are willing to do the job. This is a good effort and it will be plastic spoon a great relief for the people and the authorities who handle waste management," said P. "I was aware that the plastic packets and containers are going to be waste materials after use. Roshan, said.Although many have willingly come forward to be volunteers in different districts to be part of the programme, Mr Roshan finds it difficult to handle it in the future. As it would be a tough and very long term task, I request state government’s help for this," he said. I talked to the executives of two waste-recycle companies who agreed to collect and recycle those wastes

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